Prints Among Leaves

Leaving a trail through a forest of code

What's the Difference?

Minimum absolute difference between two elements in an array

total number of integers in an array with an even number of digits WOO!

How many times does it happen? You are outsomewhere, and someone says, “I have all these number on this list but how many of them have an even number of digits? Who can help me??”

Hash Tables For Newbies

When I’m trying to learn a new concept, I’m often frustrated by explanations of the subject written by those who understand it because they often write to an audience of those who already understand it.

React/Redux App with Rails Backend

  • Using APIs from Enigma (a Government records resource), Google Maps, and Wikipedia, and deploying the App to Heroku

String literal and the unescaped line break

I recently spent about 90 minutes chasing a JS error, ‘SyntaxError string literal contains an unescaped line break’.

Line 2 was throwing the error. Always a lot of problems with line 2…

<lang="en" />
Well, that clears it up.