High Sierra and phantomjs errors

Posted by lawrend on December 7, 2017

I was running a test that used Capybara/Poltergeist and was getting an error that Cliver couldn’t find the phantomjs version required.

            Could not find an executable 'phantomjs' that matched the requirements '>= 1.8.1', '< 3.0'. Found versions were {"/usr/local/bin/phantomjs"=>"325"}.

What kind of version is 325 for phantomjs?

It’s not. I tried getting the version of phantomjs with a simple phantomjs -v but that gave me a spawn ENOTDIR error, and 325 was the line of code that was throwing the error.

After a bit of reasearch it turns out that after the High Sierra OSX update the phantomjs binary wasn’t globally available.

The easy fix was a new global install of phantomjs:

npm install -g phantomjs

Hope this helps if anyone is bumping into the same problem.